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Facility profile
What is a facility profile?

TennisDirector aims to cover all possible facility structural organizations and all possible ways that they interact with players and tennis professionals.

Organizational structure

The simplest form of structure is a single facility belonging to a single owner. This is not, however, the only possible setup. Many organizations, cities and counties own multiple tennis facilities. Each facility is then managed by a tennis professional.

Rules of interaction

From simply defining hours of operation to more complex policies regulating online reservation, each different facility may have different ways of interacting with players and tennis professionals.

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Corporate structure

Typically, a multi-facility organization will look like the following diagram:

Corporate owner

One corporate owner defines and sets the rules for all facilities. These rules of operation may differ from facility to facility but they are all controlled by a single owner entity. The corporate owner does not have to be an individual. In fact, the corporate owner is often a company.

Facility owner

Each facility has an owner that reports to the corporate owner. This role is usually performed by a tennis professional in charge of the day-by-day operations.

Facility staff

A number of tennis administrators and tennis professionals may now work under the facility owner direction.

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First time registration

When registering a facility for the first time, we are, in fact, registering the corporate owner for that facility.

Go to and from the login page click the red "First time registration?" button.

Next page, you will be asked for the 16 character access key that must be provided by Sports Systems Inc as proof of registration.

Corporate owner profile

The system starts with the corporate owner registration. Corporate owners can also perform as tennis professionals or tennis staff.

  1. Email. The facility owner email that will be used to login into the system with clearance to change all information related to any facility falling under its umbrella.
  2. Password. Containing between 6 and 20 characters.
  3. Repeat password. Password confirmation must be identical to the above.
  4. Corporation name. Usually the corporation or organization name that owns the facility.
  5. Owner's name. The person appointed by the corporation to setup and maintain facilities' profiles, rules and policies.
  6. Gender. Male/Female. Mandatory but only important if the corporate owner also acts as a tennis professional.
  7. Address and Apt/Suite/PO Box. This is the corporate owner's address and not necessarily any facility address. If the corporate owner is an organization that owns more than one facility, this will be the address of the corporate offices.
  8. City, State, ZIP code & Country. Of the above address.
  9. Phone and Fax. Of the corporate offices.

Click "Submit"

Facility profile

Once the owner is defined, we proceed creating the first facility. After this procedure, the corporate owner can add as many facilities as required under his/her profile.

  1. Facility name. This is the name of the physical facility.
  2. Password. Containing between 6 and 20 characters.
  3. Street and Apt/Suite/PO Box. Physical location of this facility.
  4. ZIP code. Since TennisDirector interfaces with Google Maps to give players directions, it is important that the facility address is correct. Upon entering the ZIP code, the system will show on a drop-down menu all cities that are represented by this ZIP code (defaulting to the primary city). A map is shown on the right side of the page indicating the exact location of the address on the left side. Check it carefully and make sure that the address pints out to the correct location. If the default city is wrong, choose a new one from the drop-down menu. The map will refresh automatically. If the street is wrong, correct it and click "Refresh" on top of the map.
  5. Contact name. This will be the contact name at the facility.
  6. Email. Email address to be used to contact the facility directly.
  7. Website. If the facility has its own website, indicate it here. You may also enter here the corporate website.

Click "Submit"

The corporate owner is now logged in the facility just created and the system is now ready to accept operational parameters:

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Add facilities

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Add facility" from the "Your account" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to corporate owners.

Add facility

Just follow the process described in the section "First time registration" under first facility profile

Changing facilities

On the "Staff management" section of this document it is described how staff members and pro's can be given the capability of moving from facility to facility and provide services in any of them.

When that happens, the facility menu will show and "Change facility" option in the "Your account" column:

Click the option and the following page will show:

It shows the facility that you are currently logged in and a check-box for all other facilities under the same corporate owner. To change facility, simply check one of the boxes.

The default is the facility that you login automatically after entering your email and password. If you check the box "Make this facility default for future login's?" before clicking "Submit" the default will be changed.

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Update facility information

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Facility information" from the "Your account" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

You will be shown the facility information page. Just follow the process described in the section "First time registration" under first facility profile

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Court types and surfaces allows the management, not only of tennis, but also of any sport activity taking place in the club. In this section, we decide:

  1. What sports are being managed
  2. What surfaces (space) are required to practice this sport
  3. Are surfaces required to be reserved by coaches or players
  4. Are there coaches whose time needs to be reserved.

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Court types and service" from the "Facility setup" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

The following page will show:

I shows a list of all sports currently contemplated in the system. New sports can be easily added on request.

For easch sports we indicate:

  1. Sport name. Maybe we want to call this sport a different name than the one stated in TennisDirector
  2. Reserves? Is space to be reserved for this sport for players or coaches when they book a lesson?
  3. Coaches? Does this sport have coaches whose time can be reserved for classes or private lessons?
  4. Surface type. Indicate if the surface is indoor, outdoor (or both) and its material type.

Once the "Process" button is clicked, the system is now ready to process these sports.

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Courts setup

Courts setup deals with the physical setup: How many courts (or other surfaces), court types, lights, etc.

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Courts setup" from the "Facility setup" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

First time

The first time that you setup a facility layout, the system will ask for some information used to generate a basic layout that you can then customize. If this is not the first time, skip to Customize layout.

The following page will show:

Enter the number of courts that you have in the different categories and click "Show courts diagram" button.

The following page will show:

Enter court codes and check the light box if courts have lights. Court codes are alphanumeric and have a maximum of 5 characters. Single digit number (e.g. 1) will automatically be added a leading zero (court 1 will become 01).

Click "Update" and you are now ready to customize your layout.

Customize layout

The following page will show:

You can change court codes and light information as well as:

  1. Number of walls. Does your facility have training walls and how many?.
  2. Pro shop. Does your facility have a pro shop?.
  3. Active. If courts are not usable for some reason (repair, snow season...) just uncheck the active box and this court will not show up on the reservation system.
  4. Lights. Does this court have lights and, therefore, can it be used after dark?
  5. Priority (WD). Week days - Priority courts online reservations are subject to conditions established in a "Rules and policies" parameter that establish if they cannot at all be reserved online or simply if they are the last courts available for online reservations.
  6. Priority (WE). Weekends - Same as above.
  7. Online. If unchecked, this court will not show on player's online reservations.
  8. Delete courts. If a court is no longer available, simple clear the court code.
  9. Add courts. For each court category, there is a blank court icon. To add a court, just fill in the court code and light information.

Click the blue "Update (if you made changes)" button to see the new layout after you made your changes. Click "Back to the menu" once you are done.

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Days and times of operation

Facility opening and closing hours for each day of the week plus holiday exceptions.

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Facility layout" from the "Business environment" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

The following page will show:

Hours of operation

Enter your standard opening and closing hours for each day of the week. If the facility is closed just change the "Open from" to "Closed".

Lunch time closing

The a facility closes during lunch time, this is the place where that is told the system so courts cannot be reserved online during those hours.

Holiday hours

The list of holidays is not exhaustive but it contains the most popular ones. If the holiday name is in blue then it represents a school holiday either dictated by school calendar or by federal mandate.

Sunset time

How many minutes after sunset do you consider a court unplayable?

This parameter applies to reservations of courts that have no lights or with temporary disabled lights and insures that you won't rent a court that, during the time of the rental, will not have enough light to allow for an effective game.


Ask yourself this question: If sunset time is 7:55 PM, would I rent a court without lights from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM?

If the answer is "YES" then ask yourself another question: If sunset time is 7:50 PM, would I rent a court without lights from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM?

If the answer is "NO" then...

A typical "Sunset Time" is anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes!

Also closed

Many facilities have special days that they close for the whole or part of the day and none of these days are part of the list discussed above. It may also happen that, for some days, the facility operates as expected from the above hours except for some programs that may not take place during specific days.

Facilities can now create their own vacation days. For each vacation day/period created, the following information must be entered:

  1. Why? The reason for the vacation day. This reason will be shown online if a player tries to reserve a court onthat day/time (if restricted). This fiels is mandatory. If not entered the whole transaction will be ignored and will have to be reentered.
  2. From - To (columns 2 & 3) From what date to what date will the facility operations be affected?.
  3. From - To (columns 4 & 5) From what time to what time will the facility operations be affected?. If the facility will be closed, just leave N/A in the input box.
  4. What? What is it that is going to be closed? The answer can be the whole facility ("Facility closed") or a specility category of tennis programs. If the category is selected, only programs in that category scheduled to have classes during the affected period will be affected.

In the image above, we have defined that for the period of November 20 and 21, all programs created under the category "After School" will not be active.

Click "Update" to confirm the information entered and "Home" when you are done.

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Photo and marketing description

Players are going to find your facility when searching TennisDirector. They will want to find as much information as possible and this is your opportunity to give it to them.

When searching for facilities, players can click on a link that shows details and a photo of the facility. In this section, you define what is shown on that link.

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Photo and marketing description" from the "Business environment" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

The following page will show:

Facility photo

Click "Browse" and locate, on your hard drive, the facility photo that you want to show players. Double click on the photo and click "Upload". The photo will show on the page.

Please make sure that the photo is not larger than 300k bytes is size. Dimensions are not important since the system will resize it keeping its proportions.

If not happy with the result, you may repeat this process as many times as required.

Facility description

Use your imagination. What can you say about your facility that will convince players that they should give it a try? You may write as much as you want.

View page

By clicking the red "View page" button, you will see exactly what players will see:

Use this page to fine tune the result. You may change photos and descriptions as many time as required and keep on showing the result page until you are happy with the result.

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Rules and policies

Here you define the policies that rule the way that operate your facility and interact with players.

After logging in, the corporate owner takes the option "Rules and policies" from the "Business environment" section of the facility menu. This option is only available to owners and corporate owners.

The following page will show:

  1. Reservation advance period. How much time in advance do you take reservations? For example: 1 day means that you take reservations the same day or the day before the requested date but no further back. Players, members and pros may have different periods.
  2. Minimum time for court reservations. Would you accept a reservation for only 30 minutes or do you require a minimum of 1 hour?
  3. Incremental reservation time. Let's say that your minimum is 1 hour and maximum 4 hours. Would you accept a reservation for 2h 30m? If yes, your increment is 30 minutes; If no, your increment is 1 hour.
  4. Maximum time for court reservations. What is the maximum time that a player can reserve a court for? 1 hour? 2 hours, maybe? 3 hours? Any number of hours?
  5. Number of players have to pre-pay to guarantee reservation. If players dont't show up on time, club can cancel the reservation and give the court to somebody else. However, unless you set this field to "We don't guarantee reservations", if court was paid already, clubs will hold the reservation. The question is: When do you consider a reservation paid? Payment from one or two players?
  6. Time in advance for reservations cancellation to be refunded. Unless you opt for "We don't refund cancellations" in this fields, a player is entitles to a refund for canceling a reservation: 15 minutes before reservation time? 30 minutes? 1 hour?...
  7. How many hours after midnight is it considered "Next day"? Let's say that a tennis facility accepts online reservations 2 days in advance. If a player wishes to reserve a court for Wednesday can he/she make a reservation 1 minute after midnight of Sunday to Monday (0 hours) or must the player wait until, e.g., 6 AM (6 hours)?
  8. Is phone number required for unregistered players? When entering a reservation for a walk-in (unregistered player) the possibility of recording player's phone number always exist. "Yes" in this field will make it mandatory while "No" will make it optional.
  9. Do you require an opponent name for online reservations? Are players required to enter the name of their opponent when reserving courts online? If "Yes", the opponent name will be mandatory; if "No", the opponent name will be optional.
  10. Members only? If your facility is `Members only`, only members will be able to make online reservations.
  11. Show court fees (online reservations)? Do you want to show players courts fees when players reserve courts online with your facility?
  12. Allow players to choose courts (online reservations)? When players reserve online, will you allow them to pick and choose the specific court they want to play or do you want the system to choose it for them?
  13. Do members pay light fees (after dark)? Are member charged for light fees after dark or courts charges for members are completely free?
  14. Do you want the system to generate member numbers? When creating a member, should the system generate a member number or is this number attributed by the facility according to its own criteria?
  15. Are priority courts available for online reservation? Priority courts can either be excluded from online reservations ("No") or be shown to players only if all other courts are reserved ("Yes").
  16. Online reservations policies. For each service that you offer, please indicate if you accept online reservations and, if you do, select if you accept (or not) online payments.
  17. PayPal parameters. PayPal and Paypal Advanced parameters. For Paypal, just use your Paypal email address. For Paypal advanced, parameters will be supplied by Paypal once your advanced account is open. Without Paypal parameters this facility will not be able to receive payments online.
    Note: If you accept court rental payments online, Paypal Advanced is mandatory!
  18. Court rental (per hour). This is the rate that you charge for the majority of your courts. For any special courts that have a different rate, click `Rate exceptions?` link in this line. Explanation of Rate exceptions is below.
  19. Resident's Discount. Discount applicable to residents of the same city where the facility is located.
  20. Senior citizen discount. Discount applicable to players at the age older than the "effective at" parameter in this line.
  21. Junior discount. Discount applicable to players at the age or younger than the "effective at" parameter in this line.
  22. Sales tax percentage. If you want the system to calculate sales tax at the time of charging for services that require amusement tax to be charged, enter the percentage here; Otherwise, leave it zero.
  23. Amusement tax percentage. If you want the system to calculate amusement tax at the time of charging for services that require amusement tax to be charged, enter the percentage here; Otherwise, leave it zero.
  24. Integrated credit card processing. Are credit car charges to be processed through TennisDirector? If "yes" will the system make available Customer Information Management where credit card information can be stored?
  25. Is the 1 hour private lesson rate a suitable default for pro/program compensation? If "yes", when a pro coaching for a specific program does not have a set compensation defined, the pro private lesson rate for 1 student / 1 hour will be used. If "No" no compensation will be attributted when to specific compensation was defined.
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Court rates exceptions

Some courts, due to its surface, location or any other factors may have different rental cost that the default one indicated in number 14 above. These exceptions are handled by clicking the "Court rates exceptions" link on the "Business envirinment" section of the facility menu.

The following page shows:

Rates can be established the following way:

Columns Court Court to which this promotion rate applies. If promotion applies to every court leave "Default" on the column. Otherwise, enter one line for every court that the promotion applies even if the rates are the same.
Week day Day of the week in which this promotion rate applies. If promotion applies to every every day of the week, leave "Default" on the column. Otherwise, enter one line for every day of the week that the promotion applies even if the rates are the same.
From/To The time gap in the day (From/To) in which this promotion rate applies. If promotion applies to the whole day, leave "Default" on the column. Otherwise, enter one line for every time gap that the promotion applies even if the rates are the same.
Full time Only valid if a time gap (From/To) has been indicated. If "Yes" players will have to rent the court for the full time gap indicated. In other words, if the time gap is: From 6 PM to 8 PM, players trying to reserve for 7 PM will be advised that the system only accepts reservations for 6 PM to 8 PM.
NOTE: Rules priorities are set from left to right. Any rule specifying a court number will have priority over any rule with "Default" on the court field. The same applies to specific week days over "Default" week day rules and the same for time gaps.

In the case depicted, court rentals will be $15 per hour for court 01 and $20 for court 11.

Click "Submit" to update the information

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TennisDirector Club Pages

What are TennisDirector Club Pages?

TennisDirector Club Pages are not a replacement for a full website. However, it provides facilities that do not have a website, with a tool that allows their players to access TennisDirector reservations system as if it was the facility's exclusive system. TennisDirector logo is replaced by the facility logo and the only facilities shown are the ones that belong to the the same management group.

ThennisDirector Club Pages have:

  1. A homepage. With a slide show, an image and two text boxes.
  2. An "About us" page. With a free text that facilities are welcome to coompose in any way they want.
  3. A contacts page. Allowing players to contact the facility through email.

Accessing TennisDirector Club Pages

To access the pages, they have to be enabled on your system. To accomplish this, go to rules and policies:

And under "Operational policies" turn "Enable TennisDirector Club Pages" to "Yes"

TennisDirector Club Pages can be accessed by players in two different ways:

  1. Through TennisDirector. By typing on the browser address line:[Club identifier]

    The club identifier is a short word that points our the relevant facility and is easy to remember. For example, a facility called "Dolphin Tennis Academies" may be accessed by typing:

  2. By an exclusive domain. For a cost that rarely exceeds $12, facilities may purchase a domain name that is easy to remember by their players. In the example above, Dolphin Tennis Academies could have found out that was available. Once purchased, we automatically redirect the domain to All players need to remember is As for the facility, it's a redirect that happens at the domain name registrar level (e.g. GoDaddy); no hosting required and players don't even know that they are working with TennisDirector!

What do they look like?

The next 3 pictures show the thre pages that compose the Club Pages. It is also indicated (in red) what can be changed in each page:


About Us

Contact Us

Customizing Club Pages

To enter your own photos and texts, go to Rules and Policies and click "My TennisDirector Club Pages" link:

The following menu will show:

Homepage text

You can see the headers on each text match the tags on the photo. Left column text and Body Text have full editing capabilities. You may even add more photos, links, etc.

About Us text

As for some of the header texts, About Us text also has full editing capabilities.

All photos

Clicking on the "Upload" link on each photo, you may now upload your own photos. Images must be .jpg or .jpeg files or they will be rejected. The default images remain in the system even after you upload your own. If you delete your uploads, the default images will return.

The slides ratio width to height is 10 to 3 to cover the width of the page.

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Transaction categories

What are Transaction categories?

TennisDirector manages and accounts for every possible form of revenue that can be generated within the operations of a tennis facility. This revenue must be reported for management and accounting purpose grouped into categories that also have a direct link to accounting. In other words, each category relates to once financial account. Several categories can relate to the same account if management requires more details than accounting.

Creating transaction categories.

Go to "Facility setup" and then click "Transaction categories".

Categories can be grouped into "Group categories". This helps, at the time of selling and if there are too many categories, to find the required category.

To create a group, click the "New category" button. The following page will show:

  1. Give the group a name (title)
  2. Change the Class into "Group"
  3. Click the "Process" button.

And the new group is now showing in the report:

Now let's create a category and added to this new group. Click "New category" button:

  1. Title. Give the category a name
  2. Class. This is not a group so leave it as a "category"
  3. Active/Inactive. When created, it is usually active. This field exists because categories cannot be deleted as they may have financial trasactions allocated to them. Categories may, however, be made inactive if their usage is no longer required.
  4. Group. From the drop-down window select the group you want to allocate this category to. If no group is required, leave it ungrouped.
  5. Category type. Are products under this category to be sold under the reservation system (services) or as tangible items in the pro shop (Pro Shop)?.
  6. Color. (Only applicable to services). What will be the reservation grid cell background color for all services under this category?
  7. Sales tax. Are products or services sold under this category subject to sales tax charges?
  8. Account number. Accounting number where revenues recorded under this category are going to be posted.
  9. Account title. Usually not required if the account number above was used but some accounting packages take postings with account titles instead of numbers.
  10. Project #. If required by the accounting package.
  11. Click the "Process" button.

Click the "Process" button. The new category now shows under the new group.

Allocating and existing category to a group

To allocate an exiting category that is either ungrouped or allocated to the wrong group, simply locate the category and click "Select"

In the following page, change the group from the drop-down meny and click "Process":

And the category is now showing under the "Leagues" group.

Deleting groups

Groups can be deleted. In this scase, categories within the group will NOT be deleted but automatically classified as ungrouped.

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Manage ball machines

Ball machines are an integral part of the service offered by the facility to their clients. Ball machines can be committed to one court only (static) or they can be moved from one court to another (portable).

Portable ball machines can have their locations restricted to only a few courts

Creating a ball machine.

Go to "Facility setup" and then click "Transaction categories".

  1. Code

    We need to give a unique two character code to each ball machine (B1, B2...).

  2. Type

    Static or portable as explained in the introduction above.

  3. Guest

    How much are guests charged per hour for the ball machine rental?

  4. Members

    How much are members charged per hour for the ball machine rental?

  5. Courts

    A list of all defined courts is shown. Check the boxes for all courts where this ball machine can be moved to.

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