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What is TennisDirector?

TennisDirector is the "ONE STOP SITE" for all tennis players, tennis facilities and tennis professionals.

TennisDirector handles:

Clubs & Tennis Facilities

  1. Publish courts availability. TennisDirector keeps on the net courts availability real time information. Players can be sure that the courts that they are reserving online are actually available.
  2. Clinics & camps. By setting up their clinics and camps, clubs not only get required courts reserved automatically but also let all players know about these programs and allow them to reserve a presence.
  3. Tournaments. If the club is hosting a tournament (in house organized, USTA or other), publishing it with TennisDirector will cause the tournament to be known by all interested players. TennisDirector also provides direct links to the registration sites even is those sites are not part of TennisDirector (e.g. USTA).
  4. Tournament management system. TennisDirector includes a state-of-the-art tournament management system that handles player resgitrations (online and onsite), draws, schedules and results. It also allows player's friends and relatives to follow tournament progress from anywhere in the world.


  1. Court reservations. Players can find and reserve available courts in a specific region and at a date and time required.
  2. Clinics and camps. Players can search, find and reserve a presence in clinics and camps located in a specific region.
  3. Tournaments. Players wishing to play a tournament, can find and register to one located in a specific region in a requested month.
  4. Pros. Players requesting a lesson or simply hit balls with a skilled professional, can search, find and contact pros located in a specific region.
  5. Hitting partners. A players wishing to play a tournament, can find and register to one located in a specific region in a requested month.

Tennis professionals

  1. Online exposure. By publishing pro information in TennisDirector, clubs let players know about their private and club lessons capabilities and allow players to contact pros for teaching services.
  2. Court reservations. Pro's can now plan ahead their court requirements and make reservations from the comfort of their homes.
  3. Independence from clubs. Although to be active, pro's must be "hired" by a club, they can move at will from one tennis facility to another without changing their TennisDirector profile.
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What do you need to use TennisDirector

TennisDirector runs entirely on the Internet cloud.

To use the system, players, facilities and pro's need a device with Internet connection. PC's, laptops and tablets are perfectly adequate devices. Smart phones will also work but, of course, the size of their screen makes it somewhat impractical. During the next few months, a series of mobile oriented applications will be released that will make phones a lot more efficient.

Onsite requirements

Facilities need an onsite connection to the Internet (WiFi or Ethernet). Even if they don't accept reservations onsite, there is always a need to:

  1. Process walkin players. A player that walks in a requires a court needs to be processed through the system to make sure that the court they are using is no longer available for online reservations.
  2. Clinics, camps and other events. Events that automatically reserve courts need to be entered into the system.
  3. Reservation management. Cancellations, court changes and date changes are part of the day-by-day operations of a tennis facility.
  4. Pro requirements. Pro's need to reserve and manage their own courts for lessons.

Onsite backup

Technology can fail. It's a fact of life and, although it's increasingly more reliable every year that goes by, there will always be situations where the computer breaks down, the Internet connection is interrupted or the server becomes unresponsive. Sometimes facilities worry about what to do in those circumstances.

  1. Computer breakdown. Keeping a second computer in the office is always a good idea. Many facilities already operate a computer in the office that can easily perform the task of backing up the one on the counter.
  2. Internet connection failures. A backup computer does not help if your Internet modem becomes unresponsive. Best solution would be to purchase a tablet that can connect to the Internet either via Wifi or the phone company data services. TennisDirector will work very well through a tablet browser.
  3. Server failiure. If the server fails there is only one solution: Wait for the problem to be solved. During that time, the facility will have to trust players that claim to have a reservation. On the brighter side, TennisDirector has a contract with a third party company that runs its servers and guaratees a 99.9% uptime. This means that this situation is unlikely and, if it happens, the repair time is usually short.
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TennisDirector Mission Statement

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