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What are promotions?

Promotions are events do not run on specific days and require players to make their reservations to play for that specific event. When playing a promotion, players may enjoy special court rental rates.

An example of a promotion would be a tournament that runs for eight weeks where players arrange matches between themeselves but, when playing for that event, they are awarded a 50% discount in court rentals.

When creating a promotion, the system will designate a "promo code" that can be given to all participants. Using the promo code for online reservations, will insure that players will be charged the promotion rates.

As for the facility reservation system, club attendant will have the possibility of declaring a reservation as a promotion one and charge the right court rentals.

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Creating a promotion

After logging in, take the option "Promotions" from the "Operations" section of the facility menu.

The following selection page will show:

Note the following information pointed in the figure:

  1. Promo code. This code is composed of the the prefix entered whenthe promotion was created (see above) and a random number generated by the system. Every player making online court reservations for this promotion needs to enter the promo code in order to benefit from any special court rentals.
  2. Active. Means that this promotion is active and can be used online or offsite for court reservations.
  3. Update. By clicking this link, all information entered for this promotion will show. Make any required changes and click "Submit"
  4. Delete. By clicking this link, the promotion will be deleted. This process is not reversable.

This page shows all existing promotions on file (empty in the beginning). To create a new promotion click on the red "New promotion" button and the following page will show:

  1. Short description. With a maximum of 12 characters, this short description will show on the club reservation page indentifying it as a promotion one..
  2. Description. Detailed promotion description.
  3. Promo code prefix. Up to three characters, this text will constitute the promo code leading characters, followed by a five digit number attributed by teh system.
  4. Dates from and to. When the promotion starts and when it ends.
  5. Comment line. Some promotions require that a short description indicating what part of the promotion is being executed (e.g. tournament division). This comment will show on the club reservation page.

And the new promotion is now active. Take note of the promotion code (2nd column). We are going to need it later.

Court rates

Court rates for promotions are handled at the "Court rates" zone under "Facility setup".

When entering rates for this promotion just add the promotion code to the rate:

In the case depicted, court rentals will be $5 per hour regardless which court or which day or time they are rented.

Click "Submit" to update the information

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Creating promotional court reservations


Give the promotion code to all promotion participants. When reserving online, the system will ask for the promotion code is promotions are active:

And the reservation will be tagged for that promotion and the promotion rates will be enforced.


When entering a reservation at the front desk, the system will show all active promotions. Just clcik on teh relevant one (if any)

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What is a survey?

A survey is a tool that allows to send clients a list of questions related their opinion of the facility services.

In tennis director, we are able to sent surveys covering general services using emails with a link to the survey questions.

We may also tie up the survey to private lessons or to court reservations so, the day after the client is checked in, an email is sent with a link inviting the client to take the survey.

Finally, we may also sent survey requests to students that participated in a specific program on specific dates using the program notification report flexibility.

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Creating a survey

From the main menu, click "Surveys" and then click "Manage Surveys"

A list of existing surveys will show.

First column represents the status of the survey:

  1. Not ready. Survey is being created but information is missing.
  2. Ready. Survey is complete but is not active.
  3. Active. Survey is live and clients are getting survey requests.

Second column is the attibuted name of the survey.

Third column is a links that allows the survey to be changed.

Fourth column is a link that allows the survey to be tested with test data.

Fifth column Will close an existing survey which can never be used again. Nevertheless, all data collected by this survey remains in the system and can be analized at any momemnt.

Sixth column Changes survey status from "Ready" to "Active" and from "Active" to "Ready". This is the link that is used to interrupt a survey and restart it later on. Every time a survey is made "Ready" a new batch of responses will be created.

Click the "Create a new survey" button:

The following information needs to be entered to create or update a survey:

  1. Title. Just a name that identifies the survey for future reference.
  2. Description. It describes to the respondents the purpose of the survey.
  3. Locations. How will this survey be distributed to the intended public?
    1. Court reservations. With this option, the day after a player is checked in to a court reservation, a survey email will be sent requesting a participation in the survey.
    2. Private lesson. With this option, the day after a player is checked in to a private lesson, a survey email will be sent requesting a participation in the survey.
    3. Manually placed on an email. There are two ways of manually placing a survey request on an email: (1) pasting the link above in a email marketing service email or (2) Use the program notification report (see detailed instructions below).
  4. Start date. Even if active, surveys remain inative until Start Date is reached.
  5. End date. As for the Start Date, surveys become inactive as soon as the end date is reached.
  6. Email link. If the survey is designed to be distributed via emails sent through an email marketing service such as Constant Contact or Mad Mimi.
  7. Survey questions. All questions to be asked inthe survey. For each question, the following information needs to be entered:
    1. Sequence. Indicates the order in which the questions will be shown. The sequence is always manually attributed and can be manually changed at will.
    2. The Question. Question to be answered.
    3. Comment required. If this box is shown, a comment input box will be shown on the survey right.
    4. Rating type. How is this question to be responded? The options are (1) a "Yes" or "No" answer or (2) a sliding ruler where the client can select a rating from 1 to 5.
    5. Page break. A question with this box checked will be the last question in a web page. The next question will start at the begining of another page.
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Testing a survey

Surveys are accessed via an email link. As seen above, this link can be manually placed in an email that will be sent by an email marketing company. Otherwise, it will be automatically generated by the system if the court rental, private lesson or program notification options are selected

Automatically generated emails will look like this:

And they will always refer to the service that originated the request.

For court rentals or private lessons option, all that is required is a survey that has that option, the dates are valid and the survey is active.

For Program Notification generated surveys all that is required is to check "Survey" box in "What to send" section. Any text written will be disregarded but the subject can be customized.

to test the survey, all that it is required is to click the "Test" link (see above) in the survey list. The system will show exactly what the client will see:

Test survey transactions will be stored and can be analized as if they were live answers. In order to avoid confusion, after testing is concluded, it is recomended to run the "Clear test data" option in the "Survey" menu.

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Survey results

When accessing Survey Results from the Survey menu, a list of all valid surveys is shown.


As we can see in the figure, surveys can be run in several batches. In "Creating a survey" it was described as the link in the sixth column turns surveys from "Ready" to "Active" and from "Active" to "Ready". Evey time that a survey is made "Active", a new batch is created. This way, the same survey can be run several times in different dates and the results are grouped in batches. Batches can be analized individually or all together, depending on the selection.

Once a batch (or all batches) is selected, the following page will show:

As we can see, questions are listed and the answers are sorted as requested. If the survey was published using any of the integrated methods, the identity of the respondent will be collected.

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