Help - Court reservations
Court & Program reservations
Overview & Requirements

TennisDirector Reservations System runs entirely on the Internet cloud.

At the club or tennis facility, attendants can manage players, pros, camps and clinics reservations. As for players, they can find facilities, make court reservations online, find clinics and camps, pros, tournaments and even other hitting partners.

To use the system clubs need at least one device with Internet connection. PC's, laptops and notebooks are perfectly adequate devices.

Tablets are excellent backup devices. In case that the Internet computer or the Internet connection fails, a tablet connected to the Internet through WiFi or cellular provider can keep operations going until problems are resolved.

By using TennisDirector:

Clubs & Tennis Facilities

  1. Publish courts availability. TennisDirector keeps on the net courts availability real time information. Players can be sure that the courts that they are reserving online are actually available.
  2. Clinics & camps information. By setting up their clinics and camps, clubs not only get required courts reserved automatically but also let all players know about these programs and allow them to reserve a presence.
  3. Pro information. By publishing pro information in TennisDirector, clubs let players know about their private and club lessons capabilities and allow players to contact pros for teaching services.
  4. Tournaments information. If the club is hosting a tournament (in house organized, USTA or other), publishing it with TennisDirector will cause the tournament to be known by all interested players. TennisDirector also provides direct links to the registration sites even is those sites are not part of TennisDirector (e.g. USTA).


  1. Court reservations. Players can find and reserve available courts in a specific region and at a date and time required.
  2. Clinics and camps. Players can search, find and reserve a presence in clinics and camps located in a specific region.
  3. Tournaments. Players wishing to play a tournament, can find and register to one located in a specific region in a requested month.
  4. Pros. Players requesting a lesson or simply hit balls with a skilled professional, can search, find and contact pros located in a specific region.
  5. Hitting partners. A players wishing to play a tournament, can find and register to one located in a specific region in a requested month.
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Reserve a court for a player

Court reservations homepage

From your main menu click "Court reservations" under operations section to access the court reservations homepage.

Court reservation pages may be shown in two distincy formats:

  1. Hour view. Shows all courts for a specific time of the day. Although it forces the user to navigate through the hour zones, all courts fit in one page and computer response is almost instantaneous.
  2. Day view (Times on Top). Shows all courts and all hours in the same page. For facilities with a large amount of courts, the front desk has the capability of selecting groups of courts to be viewed and hide other groups. This view shows courts as rows and times as colums.
  3. Day view (Courts on Top). Essentially the same view as described above but with times as rows and courts as columns.

For the purpose of this documentation, we will use the hour view but processes remain unchanged for the day view.

The court reservations homepage has two separate sections:

  1. Reservation date and time. The top part of the page allows to set the reservation date and time.
    1. The hour bar shows the hours of the day from 5 AM to 11 PM. Area in dark gray indicates that the facility is closed. Areas in light gray indicate the hours after dark when court lights are required. Areas with no shade indicate day light hours. The numbers located in the middle of each hour square indicate the number of courts available at that hour (each court surface is represented by a different background color).
    2. On top of the hour bar - left, we find the date that the homepage refers to and (underneath) the sunrise and sunset hours for that date.
    3. On top of the hour bar - middle we find (in red) the time that the homepage refers to.
    4. On top of the hour bar - right, the fields that allow changing the reservations date (explained below) and (above) a button that allows to cancel a block of reservations (due to e.g. bad weather).
  2. Court reservations. The bottom part of the page lists all courts, their status and provides a link for reservations:
    1. Paid reservation. A single name in green usually represents a reservation where at least two players own no rental for the court by either paying for it, being members or benefiting from a complementary reservation.
    2. Clinics and camps. Clinics, camps and other programs are represented by their description in green ("Clinic", "After school", "Camp" or "Tournament")
    3. Available court. Is represented by the link "Reserve" in blue.
    4. Special event. A special event or club reservation is represented by a short description of the event in green.
    5. Pro reservation. When pros reserve courts, it will show the name of the pro followed (next line) by a short description of the reservation.
    6. Unpaid court reservation. If a court is reserved by or for a player but the rental for at least two players haven't been settled, it will show with the player's name in red.

Setup reservation date and time

Change date

As you can see on the figure (right) there are several ways to change date and time:

Whatever you do, make sure

  1. Change Year, month and day. We can change the date by simply choosing day, month and year from the from-down fields and click "Go".
  2. Use the calendar icon. Click on the calendar icon and directly click on a specific day (change month by clicking on the arrows on top of the calendar) and click "Go".
  3. Use "Next day" and "Previous day" arrows. On the left and right of the hour bar (see figure on the right), you can see the "Next day" (on the right) and the "Previous day" (on the left) arrows. Click any of them to advance or regress one day.
  4. "Today" button. Regardless what day you are located at any given point, clicking "today" button will always bring you to today's date. The button is shown in gray if the page is already showing today's reservations or in maroon is the page is set for any other day.

Change time

Click on the hour bar time box that you wish to select.


Select court to be reserved

Look at the courts map (see figure). Available courts will have a link "Reserve" in blue. Select your courts and click the link


Select a player to reserve a court

Once you select a court, the following page will appear:

Time adjustment

Facilities that only accept reservations in multiples of 30 minutes can choose to start the reservation at the beginning or at the middle of the hour. However, facilities that only accept reservations in multiples of 60 minutes are defaulted to start at the beginning of the hour but they can adjust the start time to start in the middle of the hour.

To do this just change time and duration from the drop-down fields.

You can now adjust the starting time and the duration of the reservation which will show in increments of the minimum reservation (see "Facility profile" in the main "Help" menu). After the adjustment, proceed to player selection

Player selection

There are multiple ways to select a player:

  1. Members. If you know the player's member number, just enter it in the "Member" box and click "Search an existing player". If that member exists, the reservation page will show (see below).

  2. Search player by name. Players that are registered in the system (members or not) may be searched by name. Just enter leading letters (one or more) of the player's first or last name:

    And a list of registered players with first or last names identical to the leading characters entered will show:

    This list shows all pertinent information required to properly identify the player (including member number if player is a member). To select player, click on the User ID in blue located on the left most column.

  3. Search player by telephone or ZIP code. Players can be searched by telephone or ZIP code. In this case enter player's telephone number (with area code) or ZIP code and click "Search an existing player":

    And a list of registered players with the indicated phone number or ZIP code will show:

    This list shows all pertinent information required to properly identify the player (including member number if player is a member). To select player, click on the User ID in blue located on the left most column.


Reserve a court for an unregistered player

You may reserve a court to a walk-in player just by entering the player's name

For this, after you select the court see the bottom of the reservation page:

And enter the following information:

  1. Player's name.
  2. Phone number. In "Rules and Policies" we have defined if the phone number is (or not) mandatory.
  3. Special discounts. If the tennis facility provides discounts for city residents (common in facilities, owned by the cities), discounts for senior players or discounts for junior players, the relevant check boxes will show. Check the appropriate box it if player Proves to qualify for the discount.
  4. Click "Go".

Check player ID for special discounts

If the facility awards age related (senior, junior) or residence discounts, the simple mention of the date of birth or city or residence in the player's profile is not enough to grant the discount. It needs to be verified by a club attendant who then informs the system of that verification so it does not have to be performed again.

To post the ID verification for new players, check the "Check ID" box right in front of the date of birth when creating the player:

For selected registered players (name, phone or ZIP code search), check the "Check ID" box right before the red "Cancel" link.


Post payments and confirm or delete reservation

Whether you locate a registered player or processed a reservation for an unregistered player, the result shows as in the figure below

You may repeat the search/"name only" process up to four times (maximum court capacity) and all players entered will show in the page above.

Now it's time to process payments if payments are actually received. The system will show for each player the rental amount owed including all applicable discounts and sales tax.

Check the "Pay" box to process payment


Click "Cancel" to cancel the reservation


Click "Comp" if this is a complimentary reservation and no rental is due (often used to honor "rain checks" issued, e.g., after reservations are cancelled to bad weather).

  1. Player's name.
  2. Local. If the tennis facility provided discounts for city residents (common in facilities, owned by the cities), this box will show. Check this box it if player is a city resident and the discount will be deducted from the rental.
  3. Click "Go".

Confirm a reservation

Once all players were entered and all payments processed (if payments were received), you can confirm the reservation by:

  1. Clicking "Done" and the reservation will be confirmed and the process returns to the reservations homepage.
  2. Clicking "Cancel reservation". All the work that you have done so far will be cancelled and the process returns to the reservations homepage.
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Reserve a court for a private lesson

Courts can be reserved by the pro's themselves or the club attendant can also reserve a court for private lessons.

Reservation by a club attendant

From the court reservations homepage click the link "Reserve" on an available court that you wish to reserve.

Click "Pro reservation" button:

and the following page shows:

You may now select the pro.

Alternatively, a lesson package on file could be selected. As packages are usually linked to a pro, this is the only step required to book a packaged private lessob.

If no package was selected, it is now time to select players(s).

As we are adding players, the amounts charged change with the private lesson rates created in "Facility Setup".

We may enter up to 4 players inthis page but that does not represent a maximum limit. As soon as 4 players are entered a yellow button "More Players" will show:

Clicking the button results is transforming the court reservation into a mini-program where, still being a private lesson, now has no limitations in the number of players.

And as we enter additional players, all fees get automatically adjusted to the new number of players according to the private lessons rates table.

Important to notice that once a payment is processed, the fee is frozen and will not be changed by new players being added to the roster.

Reservation by the pro him/herself

(See "pro activities" in the help main menu)

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Reserve a court for an event

Clubs may want to reserve courts for special events, repair work, special guests or any other reason.

From the court reservations homepage click the link "Reserve" on an available court that you wish to reserve.

Click "Club reservation" button:

and the following page shows:

You may now:

  1. Adjust time. If reservation starts in the middle of the hour.
  2. Description. Describe the purpose of the reservation.
  3. Click "Submit".

Reservation is now complete and the court reservation homepage will show:

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Cancel a player, pro or club reservation

Every reservation can be cancelled. Do the following to cancel a player, pro or club reservation.

Note: Pro's can cancel reservation themselves (See "pro activities" in the help main menu).

From the court reservations homepage locate the reservation that you want to cancel and click player's name, pro name or reservation description:

and the reservation page shows:

Click the red "Cancel reservation" button.

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Cancel a clinic, camp or block reservation

Clinics, camps and block reservations are processed by the system as a direct result of establishing a clinic, camp or block reservation. When these events are established (see "Clinics and Programs" on the main help menu), the club indicates what courts should be reserved

From the court reservations homepage locate the clinic, camp or block reservation that you want to cancel and click it (if multiple courts are reserved, click any court).

The following page will show:

Click the red "Cancel today" button and the complete event for that specific day will be cancelled. To cancel a complete program and stop any future automatic reservations, see "Clinics and Programs" in the Help main menu.

If you only want to release one or more courts see "Change courts allocated to clinics and camps" in this section.

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Cancel all reservations for a specific period and reschedule cancellations

Cancel reservations

Bad weather is one of the main reasons that trigger the need for this feature. In a situation like this, tennis facilities may be required to cancel all reservations for specific times.

From the court reservations homepage, go to the day you want to process cancelations and click "Cancel/Block" button on top.

The following page will show:

By default, all reservations will be cancelled but you may want to make court exceptions. For example, let's say that you are canceling reservations due to heavy rain but you have 2 hard courts that are drying faster than the clay courts. In this case, you may click the "Check all" link and then uncheck the 2 hard courts so they will be excluded from the cancellation. In any case, enter:

  1. Time From/To. By using the drop-down boxes, indicate the time from and to affected by the cancellation.
  2. Include indoor courts. By default, indoor courts are excluded from rain cancellations. However, if the storm is really bad and you decide to close the facility, check this box and all courts (including indoors) will be checked for cancellation.
  3. Courts affected. See above.
  4. Reason. If it is decided to automatically notify cancelled players, this reason will be part of the email sent to the players.
  5. Notify players. If the box remains checked, all registered players (with email addresses on file) will be automatically notified of the cancellation.
  6. Click "Process".

The following confirmation page will show:

You may "Cancel" at this stage and nothing will happen or click "Confirm" to execute the cancelations. Once "Confirm" is clicked, the results page is shown:

Where you can see who was and who wasn't notified. Players that were not notified either because the were unregistered walk-in's or didn't have an email address on their profile are listed separately showin phone numbers if available.

We may also see in the court reservations page that all reservations were cancelled and replaced by an "rain" club reservation.

Reverse reservation cancellations for a specific period

Let's say now that rain stopped earlier than predicted andwe see that by 11 AM courts will be dry. Now we want to reverse the cancellations but only after 11 AM.

To do so, click on "Cancel/Block" button on the day of cancellation:

And now click "Reverse cancellations":

Resulting in:

Enter now the time from when the cancellations are to be reversed, the courts affected (leave out the ones still wet) the reason for the reversal and click "Process".

Click "Confirm". We can now see the reservations that have been recovered.

Reschedule cancelled reservations

Whether we reversed or not any cancellations, rescheduling can always take place with affected reservations.

To do so, click on "Cancel/Block" button on the day of cancellation:

Only court reservations and private lessons may be rescheduled. Let's say now that we want to take Daniel Thorn court reservation (that was cancelled and never recovered) and reschedule it to 4 PM also on court 02. Click the "Reschedule" link and:

Click The "...Move here" link on court 01 at 4 PM and:

Going back to the cancellation history, we can now see that since Daniel Thorn and Sally Fields were both on the same reservation, they were both rescheduled.

Rescheduled reservations can be rescheduled again just by clicking the "Rescheduled" link.

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Change reservation date, time and court

This feature allows the club to move from one court to another or change a reservation date and time. This works for all reservations except clinics, camps and block reservations (see "Change courts allocated to clinics and camps" in this section).

There are two possible ways to change reservations dates, times ot courts:

  1. Mouse click. The user clicks on the reservation to be moved and then clicks on the slot where that reservation is going to end up. This method allows cross page moves or, in other words, you may move a reservation from one day to another.
  2. Drag & Drop. The user clicks on the reservation to be moved and then grags it to its new location while keeping the mount left button pressed. This method is quicker but it does not allow moves between pages. This means that, in hour view, only court changes are possible and in day view only changes within the same day are possible.

Mouse click

From the court reservations homepage locate the reservation that you want to change and click the "Move" link.

The following page will show:

And do the following:

  1. New reservation date. If changing the reservation date (e.g. next day), use the date fields or the change day arrows to find the new date. If the date is the same as the original reservation date, leave unchanged.
  2. New reservation time. Click the time box for the new reservation time if to be changed.
  3. Move. Locate the court box where this reservation is going to land and click the "Move here" link.

Drag & Drop

Locate the reservation that you want to change, locate underneath the "Move" link and when you see the cursor becoming a 2 crossed bidirectional arrows (move symbol) click and hold the mounse left button. Then drag the mounse to the target location.

Until the cursor becomes an arrow with a small square underneath. Release the mounse left button and:

The move is complete.

If the target location is not empty, the two locations will be swapped.

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Change courts allocated to clinics and camps

When clinics, camps and block reservations are entered into the system (see "Clinics, camps & block allocations" on the help main menu), the facility estimates the number of courts required and indicates the specific court numbers to be automatically reserved by the system. When the time comes for a specific session of the program to take place, the predicted requirements may change, more or less courts may be required and, therefore, adjustments must be made.

From the court reservations homepage locate the clinic, camp or block reservation that you want to adjust and click it (if multiple courts are reserved, click any court).

The following page will show:

Click the maroon "Change time & courts" button and the following page will show:

And do the following:

  1. New program time. Use the drop-down time boxes (from/to) to set up the new program time and click "Update times". The system will show the status of all courts in the club indicating if they are available of not.
  2. Select courts. By unchecking courts, you unreserve them and make them available to be reserved for any other purpose. By checking available courts, you now reserve them for this program. In the example in the figures, above, originally, courts 01, 02 and 03
  3. Click the "Update courts" button.

The result after the change perform in this example would be:

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Register players into clinics and camps

Player may register for clinics and camps online or onsite.

Locating a program and a day to add players.

From Court Reservation. From the court reservations homepage locate your clinic or camp that where you want to register players and click on any court reserved for that program.

From Main Menu: Take the "Tennis programs" oprion followed by "Manage clinics, camps and tournaments.

Pick a day and the system will show all programs scheduled for that day. Select a program.

Registering players

Either way, the following page will show:

A list of all players scheduled to play on that specific day is shown. Players that are registered but scheduled to play a different day will not show. However, if we want to see a list of all registered players, use link "Registered players". For a list of players that played this program before but are currently not enrolled, use the "Past players" link.

To enter new players, search for a registered player, register a new one or just enter the name of an unregistered player. You may also select a player from the "Past players" list. In this case. tf your past players list is too long, you may filter the results by entering the first letter of the first orlast names in the corresponding search boxes.

Once a player is defined by any of the above methods, the following page will show:

In this example, we are using a program where players schedule their attendance dates and they can purchase different packages depending on how many days per week the wish to attend.

Other less involved programs will be simpler and presenting less options. If this example is understood, all other program variants will be intuitive and easy to understand.

All program packages defined when this programs was created are now displayed and one of them must be selected. The the example above, we have chosen a weekly program that allows 2 days of playing. The players is buying 2 weeks (see "# units") and, because this program was defined with "Schedule of play dates" a list of the week days when the program is active is shown after the pricing packages. In this specific case, 2 days must be checked. Note that the package price can also be changed is special prices are to be granted.

Once all the information is entered, click "Submit" and a confirmation page will appear:

The reference input field may be used for any comment and it is often used to enter the check number when payment is processed by check.

Once payment is confirmed, player will be added to the list of registered players. In the current example, since player chose to play on a Tuesdays and Thursdays, the name will show on the list of players scheduled for these days.

Checking in players, update and delete registrations

You can see in the figure above that in front of each scheduled player there are several links:


The "Delete" link allows to delete a registration and process (or not) a refund. When clicked, the following shows:

The system shows the total amount paid by the player, how many session were missed and attended, the value of a day refund (as entered when the program was created) and an input field that allows to specify the amount to refund. If no refund is to be processed, select the appropriate option.

The administrator can also opt for processing the refund without canceling the enrollment. This is accomplished by checking the "Do not delete" checkbox.

In any case, a note field is available to write any relevant information related to the refund.

The following rules apply to refund processing:

  1. Timing.

    Before a credit card charge is settled by the daily settlement bach, it can only be voided, not refunded. TennisDirector will process both cancellation methods but the criteria is that any refund processed during that same day as the charge will be voided. Refunds processed later than the charge day, will be refunded.

  2. Void vs Refund.

    Before settlement, credit card charges have not triggered any funds movement so, there is nothing to refund. These transactions can only be voided, which means, completely erased. Partial refunds are not possible for voided transactions. For refunds (at least a day later than the charge date) the refund amount entered above will be the amount refunded.

  3. Availability.

    Automatic refunds in are not available unless in "Facily setup", "Rules & Policies", parameter "Allow gateway refunds in TennisDirector?" is turned to "Yes". The default is "No" so any facilities wishing to use this feature must change this parameter. If this switch is left to "No", website will still be required to process credit card refunds.

  4. Staff credentials.

    Staff logged in must have the authority to process credit card refunds. If not, and even if the staff member has refund clearance but not for credit cards, the option "CC" in the refund page will not be available. Authority is given in the staff profile:

  5. Original transaction.

    Only charges paid with a credit card can be refunded to a credit card.

If all the conditions above apply, once the "Process refund" button is clicked, the following page will show:

Click "Submit" and the transaction will be voided/refunded in


The "Schedule" link is only relevant when "Schedule of play dates" in on for a program. It allows to change the original schedule entered at registration time. Once clicked, the following shows:

You may now enter a new schedule and indicate the day from when the new schedule is to become active.


The "Attend" link is only relevant when "Schedule of play dates" in on for a program. It allows to change individual lessons from a scheduled day to another when the student is not scheduled to attend but the program will take place. Once clicked, the following shows:

You may select the lesson to transfer, the transfer target date and click "Submit".

Transferring players from one program to another

Let's say that a player is registered for a program for the full month of October. Towards the middle of the month, the program director decides that the student should be transferred to a more advanced program. In this situation, all we have to do is register the student in the new program. This system will detect that this student is already registered to another program in the same period and will ask if the registration for the existing program is to be cancelled:

If we answer "Yes", we enter the schedule for the new program (if required) and click "Submit"

The system will cancel all non attended sessions for the original program and then will proceed analysing the financial implications of such move. If the original registration has been paid, it need to be refunded but only for the lessons that were not taken. This refund will be applied to the new registration. If the refund is greater that the enrolment cost, the new registration will be paid in full and the difference will be registered as a "Raincheck".

In the example above, the original program was fully paid to the amount of $135.00. Since one class was attended, only $112.50 are available for refund. But, since the new program costs $60.00, Only $60.00 will be refunded and the remaining $52.50 are noted as a raincheck. This note will be shown on the player's account.

Financially, there will be no impact on the bottom line since no meneys will exchange hands due to this transaction. However, a debit and a credit will of the same amount will be posted to the revenue report.

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The court lock system

What is it?

When we go online to buy a concert ticket it gets to a moment when we are required to pick a venue location (section, row, seat). Once we pick it, the online system will tell us: "Your seats are reserved for you for the next 7 minutes". This means that we have 7 minutes to finish the transaction up to the point where payment is accepted. If we take longer than 7 minutes, regardless where we are in the process, the application will force us to start all over again.

Court reservations work in a similar way. When a player or the front desk initiate a reservation, as soon as a court is selected, it gets automatically locked so that nobody else can "steal" it.

Locked for how long?

Lock times are variables at system level. This means that they can be changed but changes affect all TennisDirector user facilities.

There are two types of lock times:

  1. Single court lock time. Applicable when only one court is being reserved. It affects all front desk reservations and all mobile reservations and all desktop reservations that do not use the "friends" system
  2. Multiple courts lock time. Applicable only to players reserving courts using the "friends" system.

Currently, single court lock time is 1 minute and multiple courts lock time is 5 minutes.

Locking courts at reservation cutoff time

Reservation cutoff time is the earliest date and time when a reservation can be placed for a specific day. For example, if reservation advance is 3 days and official reservation time start is 8 AM then, to place a reservation for Thursday (any time) the Reservation Cutoff Time is Monday at 8 AM.

The system allows players to start placing their reservations 30 minutes before cutoff time. However, reservation confirmations can only be processed on or after cutoff time. So, if cutoff time is 8 AM, what kind lock takes place if a player selects a court at 7:50 AM? It depends on the type of lock time. Let's see this example where:
Single court lock time = 1 minute
Multiple court lock time = 5 minutes

  1. Single court reservation (no friends system). The lock will only be active until 7:51 AM (7:50 + 1 minute). After that, the court is available to any other player that decides to grab it.
  2. Multiple courts lock time. The court(s) selected will be locked until 8:05 AM i.e. 8 AM + 5 minutes. In this case, the court selection time is irrelevant.

The idea behind this structure is that anything that leads to players having to restart the work after putting together 3 doubles courts just leads to frustration.

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Multi-court Reservations

What is it?

Sometimes we just need to setup a one day program where players enroll, pay a fee (or not) and will not be repeated at the same time with the same people. It can be a league match, a last minute organized round robin or simply a privale lesson for more that 4 players. All this can be accomplished by going to the Program Setup function (Wizard) and settig up the required program or event. But it takes time.

Multi-Court reservations allow these miniprograms to be set without leaving the court reservation sheets. In one step, we can create a program or a private lesson allocated to any category that we wish, setting up the prices we wish to charge, reserving as many courts as it take and allocating as many available coaches as it is required.

Starting: Create a simple court reservation

To start with, create a simple court reservation for one player. If what is being created is an event where no players will be registered to, then use any description that will describe the event as player name. The event will take this initial registration (player or not) as the event name but, later, it can be changed.

Once creates, click the Multi-Court button:

Enter the new program parameters

  1. Court Rates. In spite of the description, this is what the event enrollment will cost. A price for member and non members will be defines. If the vent is not to be charged, put zeros in these boxes.
  2. Category. Just like any program or event, a category must be allocated to this event. The default is court reservations but it can be anything. More, if "Private lesson" category is selected, this event will become a private lesson. You will need to select a pro (next) and yo may then later enter as many players as you wish. This is how a private lesson with more than 4 players is set up.
  3. Pro. If an available pro selected here, this person is allocated to this program automatically. If it is a private lesson, the pro compensation and splits will be extracted from the rates establcihed for the 1player, 1 lesson, 1 hour rate for this pro. Another program program type will need the compensation and splits to be handled the same way as any other program.
  4. Courts. The originally chosen court is automatically selected but, by checking available boxes we may now add more courts to it.

Once we click submit, we now have a new program established that can be operated like any other program.

Onsite unattended court reservations

What is it?

There are times of the day when low attendance hardly justifies keeping an attendant present at the front desk. However, if the club want to remain open even with an unattended front desk, TennisDirector now provides a tool that will permit players to select and reserve courts on the spot as they arrive.An inexpensive Chromebook mounted into an anti theft device will be all that it is required.

To call this feature from you home menu go to "Pro Shop" and then click the "Unattended registration & checkin" link.

View courts occupancy

The following page will be displayed in a new tab:

The system allows reservation for the next day too as long as the facility's reservation rules will allow it. Next day reservations can be created by clicking the "Tomorrow" button located on the top right of the page.

Clicking the "Reserve" or the half hour link on any court, any time, will start the reservation process.

Creating a reservation

Once the reservation process is started, the following page will show:

  1. Match duration. Select from the allowed times (according to Rules & Policies) the duration ofthe reservation.
  2. Players. One by one up to four players
  3. Process Reservation. This button will confirm the reservation.
  4. Restart. This buttom will delete all work done so far and send the process back to the courts sheet.

Cancelling reservations

The "Cancel" link is shown is red in the courts sheet but it is only available to the player that created the reservation. To cancel, players must log in.

Send a private lesson or court reservation collection email

What is it?

Unpaid private lessons or court reservations can be easily collected by sending the client a collection email that contains a collection link. This starts a page that in the default browser that allows a credit card payment to be processed

This feature is initiated from the court reservation page:

Please note that this feature only works with the latest API code. This means that, in "Facility setup", "Rules & Policies", the "Integrated credit card proxessing" option needs to be set to "Yes with CIM".

Locate the reservation to collect in the court reservation sheets:

Clicking on the reservation:

Clicking on the "Collect" link shows the date and time of the last collection notification

At this time, the system generates a collection email:

Clicking on the "Pay your balance here" link, the following page shows up on the client's default browser:

The client enters the credit card information and gets the response. page: