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Staff management
What is a staff management?

People get hired by tennis facilities in all kinds of capacities. If they are going to give tennis lessons, work at the front desk or at the pro shop, they need to register with

In the process of registration with TennisDirector, staff members will automatically linked to a tennis facility. Once that takes place, the tennis professional becomes part of that facility staff.

Every administration, tennis professionals, corporate and facility owners need to have a independent profiles in tennis director. Once these profiles are linked to a facility, the professional may now execute TennisDirector functions for that facility.

The corporate owner's profile is automatically created when establishing the corporation and will automatically be linked to all facilities falling under the corporation's umbrella.

Tennis professionals (except corporate owners) can have their profiles transferred from one facility to another by mutual agreement between the professional and the facility management.

This process is defined in detail in the "Staff management" section of the main help menu.

Rules of interaction

From simply defining hours of operation to more complex policies regulating online reservation, each different facility may have different ways of interacting with players and tennis professionals.

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First time staff registration

You need to be logged in as a Owner in order to create and manage staff profiles.

From the main menu go to "Facility setup" and then "Manage staff"

Click "New staff" button on the top.


Staff profile

The following page will show.

Email. The tennis professional email that will be used to login into the system. If this professional has ever been registered with, his/her profile will be recognised and retrieved.

  1. User name. Optional. If used, it must be unique in the system.
  2. Password. Containing between 6 and 20 characters.
  3. Repeat password. Password confirmation must be identical to the above.
  4. Name. First and last names.
  5. Gender. Male/Female. Mandatory but only important if this also acts as a coach.
  6. Address and Apt/Suite/PO Box. This is the professional's personal address and not necessarily any facility address.
  7. City, State, ZIP code & Country. Of the above address.
  8. Cell phone. Tennis professionals may be notified of lesson and other activities via messages on their cell phone. If a cell phone is entered, the next field, cell carrier, is mandatory.
  9. Cell carrier. This is the company with whom this tennis professional has a contract with.
  10. Other phone. Optional. It may be the home phone.
  11. Notifications. Every time changes occur in the staff member schedule that the staff member did not directly originated (e.g. the front desk books a lesson for a tennis pro), the staff member is notified. How should that notification be sent?
  12. Website. If this staff member has a personal website.

Click "Submit"

The following page will show:

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Setting up staff authority and credentials

From the page above:

  1. Owner. Check the box if this person has owner clearance that allows changing facility profiles and link other professionals.
  2. Administrator. Check this box if this person is allowed to perform daily activities such as court reservations, register members, create programs and others. Once you click it, a menu of activities will be shown. Here, we can restrict staff members from performing certain activities otherwise included in the generic Administrator credentials.

  3. Change facility allowed. Check this box if this person is allowed to work with any facility falling under the corporate umbrella.
  4. Pro level. Is this person going to be able to give private lessons, conduct clinics or camps? And, if so, in what capacity? As a head pro or a staff pro?
    If this person is not a pro, skip to "submit".
  5. Online profile. Is this pro going to have his/her profile available online for players to check and, eventually contact?
  6. Online reservations. Does this pro accept online time reservations?
  7. House calls. Is this pro allowed to travel to players' locations? And, if so, what is the surcharge over the hourly rate?
  8. Club share. What amount is due to the facility from every hour charged to players, depending on the number of players?

Click "Submit"

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Unlinking tennis professionals from a facility

There are two ways that a professional may be unlinked from a facility

Facility initiative

From the following page (depicted above):

click the "delete" link that points to the staff member to be unlinked. The staff member will be unlinked.

Tennis professional initiative

From the staff member menu:

Click the "Personal information" link on "Your account" section and the following page will show:

Click "Resign" and, after confirmation, the staff member is logged off. When trying to login again:

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