Court reservations
  • (-) Point Of Sale (POS) & Inventory Management
    • Pro Shop Management & Integration

      A Pro Shop is a retail outlet where mostly goods, rather than services, are sold at a counter. However, if we also consider the services (court rentals, private lessons, tennis programs and stringing) as part of the Pro Shop items for sale then we are talking about a complete integration between the reservation system and the shop items. And that is how TennisDirector works!

      A client may buy a court rental, a private lesson, a drink and an overgrip and pay with a single swipe of a credit card without having to type in amounts or any other information.

    • Credit Card Processing

      Credit Cards are processed using a market leader gateway that guarantees the required information security. Payment receipts may be printed or, better, emailed to card holders. These email addresses are collected for the facility mailing list.

    • Inventory Management

      Facilities that have Pro Shops, are faced every day with questions such as:

      - When should I order more tennis balls?
      - How much should I order?
      - What is my cost of holding all this inventory?
      - How much money am I making out of my retail operation?

      The Inventory Management system answers all these questions and, with that, helps keeping a professional control over the business as a whole.

    • Stringing

      Stringing combines the sale of goods and services in the same transaction. TennisDirector allows facilities to keep on record vertical and horizontal string brands and tensions for each racquet owned by every player. Players may forget what they purchased last time but TennisDirector(won) 't!